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New Machine DW-190 Launched

Congratulations! Weixin Sewing Machine won the 2018 MIT Sewing Machinery Excellent Trademark

        Weixin Sewing Machine was awarded the "MIT Sewing Machinery Excellent Trademark" in 2018, which is a great encouragement to Weixin, a long-term professional industrial sewing machine. In the future, we will devote ourselves to the development and improvement of industrial sewing machines and provide better solutions for industrial sewing machines (industrial sewing machines).taiwan-sewing-machinery-association.jpg


2018 TTG Taiwan International Textile and Garment Equipment Exhibition 

Exhibition Date: 2018/9/13~16 

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 

Exhibited items: 

        all kinds of textile machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, auxiliary equipment, accessories and spare parts, computer testing system of all kinds of clothing machinery, embroidery machinery, industrial and household sewing machinery, auxiliary equipment, accessories and spare parts automation system, machinery , Accessories, and CAD/CAM/CIM system laundry, washing, ironing, steaming and steam equipment non-woven production machinery, chemical fiber machinery, sizing machinery, bleaching and dyeing machinery and other knitting machinery: circular knitting machine, flat knitting machine, warp knitting machine, Hosiery machine

exhibition Stall:J410


2019 The 19th Vietnam Int'l Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition(VTG)

        Vietnam's most important professional exhibition for the textile and clothing industry. Last year (2018) attracted 500 companies from 25 countries around the world to participate in the grand event. The number of visitors reached 12,054. The scale of the exhibition and the number of visitors have been constantly refreshed in recent years. For record, it is already a well-known textile industry exhibition in Vietnam. At present, Vietnam's textile and garment raw materials still rely on imports, and it is committed to establishing a supply chain system such as spinning, dyeing and finishing, and sewing, as well as enhancing the added value of products and creating greater profitability.

Exhibition date


09:00 AM〜17:00 PM

* Children under 16 years old are not allowed to enter.



Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.

Exhibition  Center

Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center(SECC)

Weixin Sewing Machine- Online Trade show



2019 Myanmar Int'l Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition

        There were 130 exhibitors from 13 countries including Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, South Korea and Japan in 2018 MTG Exhibition. The four-day exhibition attracted a total of about 7,896 buyers. Due to the Myanmar Garment Association (MGMA) is the co-organizer of the conference.

Exhibition scope

        All kinds of textile machinery, dyeing machinery, sizing machinery, bleaching and dyeing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, non-woven production machinery

        All kinds of clothing machinery and equipment, sewing machines, sewing machine needles, sewing machine motors, knitting machines, button machines, hosiery machines, hosiery machines,

        Computerized knitting machine, cloth inspecting machine, needle inspecting machine, strapping machine, cloth spreading machine and cloth spreading table, ironing equipment, zipper manufacturing machine, computer color matching system,

        Computer-aided design, inspection and quality control equipment, packaging equipment, safety equipment, etc.

Exhibition Date


10:00 AM〜17:30 PM

※ Children under 16 years old are not allowed to enter.


Yangon Convention Centre
(Mayangone Township Kabar Aye Pagoda Road 37) 

Weixin Sewing Machine- Online Trade show